Review of Celebratory Concert

A review of the Celebratory Concert on 2nd July 2016 on the occasion of the stepping down of the choir's Founder and Musical Director can be seen on the Salisbury Journal's website at

Some comments on the concert  are: 

Was absolutely perfect in EVERY way. Music just right and the choir sang beautifully. The boy soloist brought several tears to my eye! Choir looked amazing. Orchestra and David Coram organist fantastic.
The Concert last night was superb.

Totally wonderful! What a great evening.  A truly magnificent concert which was moving, stimulating and inspiring from beginning to end.

...... how much I enjoyed your concert last night. It was a marvelous programme of old and new in a magical mixture.

It was a truly magnificent performance and I was, to use modern parlance, blown away by the standard of singing. It was a privilege to attend, thank you for a wonderful experience

How thrilled I was to be at St Martin’s last night to listen to that wonderful programme of music which you had put together.